Piusi Delphin AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser (AC.PUISIADBLUE)

    Piusi Delphin AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser (AC.PUISIADBLUE)


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    Piusi Delphin AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser

    Piusi Delphin AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser (AC.PUISIADBLUE)

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    Piusi Delphin AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser (AC.PUISIADBLUE)

    Puisi, the market leader in AdBlue™ refilling solutions have introduced the brand new Suzzara Blue Delphin – an AdBlue™ car dispenser for refilling passenger cars that run on AdBlue™ - or DEF as it is referred to in the US - for use in vehicle workshops.

    The Piusi AdBlue™ car dispenser is mounted on a sturdy trolley to make using the device easy and safe, allowing it to be moved from a mains outlet to the vehicle needing to be refuelled. This dispenser has a closed, clean system and has been designed to avoid leaks and drips. This Piusi AdBlue Pump allows AdBlue™ to be bought in bulk at a low cost, in comparison to buying a small 5ltr container often used to refill passenger cars' AdBlue™ tanks.

    This device requires electricity to begin the dispenser’s process, and the AdBlue™ pump uses the electricity to move the AdBlue™ from the large drum into the upper holding tank. The dispenser then becomes mobile – because the dispenser no longer needs electricity to transfer the AdBlue™ into the vehicle – so the dispenser can be disconnected from the mains power and wheeled over to the car station where the vehicle is ready to be refuelled. The upper tank then releases the AdBlue™ through a hose and by using gravity, feeds it into the vehicle through a filling valve. Once the vehicles tank is full, the valve shuts off so no more AdBlue™ can be dispensed. The dispenser then can be wheeled back over to the mains outlet, where the AdBlue™ transfer pump will then use the electricity to suck the remaining fluid out of the hose and into the upper tank so that it remains clean and unspoilt.

    An add on approved weighing kit is available to enable the garage to charge for the amount of AdBlue™ refilled by the kg. See accessories table.

    Click here to view a video demonstrating the use and benefits of the Delphin AdBlue™ car refiller.

    • 230v AdBlue™ pump
    • Suction tube & SEC Connector
    • 2m delivery hose with filling valve
    • On/off switch
    • Sturdy trolley for ease of transport
    • Flow rate 6 l/min
    • Upper AdBlue 20l holding tank with level indicator
    • Approved weighing kit add on available