Tank Base Enhancement Guidelines

by Alltank

Posted on 18/04/2016

It is important to give domestic oil storage tanks, whether made of steel or plastic a stable base and any grounding support it requires. This makes the tank safe and will protect the environment from disruption and ultimately prevent the likelihood of leakage and loss of fuel. This is a requirement of Oftec and is not something any tank owner should avoid. Creating a suitable base for your tank is easy to do, we've created a number of guides to ensure you get it right.

It's all about the base

The need to provide suitable bases and supports for oil storage tanks is of paramount importance for reasons of both safety and environmental protection. The base should be:

  • Adequate for the weight of the tank;
  • Non-combustible, imperforate and level
  • Constructed of concrete, paving stones or stonework
  • Large enough to extend 300mm beyond all sides of the tank.

Bases can however vary depending on whether it is supporting a Metal or Plastic Tank.


  • Non-Combustible Material
  • Fully Supportive to all surface area of the tank. (e.g. a large flat solid base)
  • recommended to extend 300mm around all sides of the tank


  • Non-Combustible Material
  • Non Fully-Supportive (e.g. steel, or block piers across the width of the tank)

If an oil storage tank is inadequately supported, the tank itself can be weakened leading to the eventual failure and escape of the stored fuel. During the life of an installation an oil storage tank base will need to provide continual structural support, even though ground conditions may alter from season to season and year to year. If the tank is raised on piers, the platform supporting the tank should be sized to sufficiently support the tank. Reference should be made to the tank manufacturer’s installation instructions.

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