How to store & dispense Diesel - the legal way!

by Alltank

Posted on 27/03/2017

Are you storing Diesel legally

Why we store diesel...

If you own a farm or a fleet of Diesel vehicles, i'm sure you will quickly see the benefits of storing Diesel on site.  Simply put, Diesel is cheaper to buy in bulk - saving you cost, whilst also being a lot less hassle - saving you time!  But, you may be wondering how to store & dispense this Diesel?

Because of these great benefits, we often find Diesel stored in tanks on site e.g. agricultural farms, construction sites, commercial properties - however, what many of us don't realise is that there is a legal way and an illegal way to store Diesel on site.

Diesel can be stored in either plastic or metal tanks, the following features apply to both types.  There is no difference in regulation between a plastic or metal tank.

Is your storage facility Legal or Illegal?

The main factors that determine whether you're storing Diesel illegally are as follows:

  • Gravity is used to feed the vehicle (e.g. your tank is at a height in order to let the diesel fall under gravity through the hose into your vehicle)
  • Diesel dispensing equipment (Hose & Nozzle) is not contained within a secure cabinet
  • Diesel is not stored in Bunded (Double Skinned) tanks.

The picture below shows the illegal way to store Diesel!

how to store & dispense diesel Diesel Tank

If you find that you're storing & dispensing Diesel in exactly this way - then now is the time to fix it!  Fortunately, A very quick fix can be made in order to store Diesel legally!

The factors that determine whether you are storing Diesel legally are as follows:

  • Diesel is supplied to vehicle using a Pump (manual pumps, 12v pumps, 230v pumps, 110v pumps can all be supplied with diesel tanks)
  • The pump, hose & nozzle (when not in use) is safely stored within a secure cabinet mounted on the tank.
  • Diesel is stored in Bunded (Double Skinned) Tanks

The picture below is an example of the correct way to store Diesel.

Deso V3500 DD in Use


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