1100 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Dispenser Tank - Atlantis (DIS.1100E)

    1100 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Dispenser Tank - Atlantis (DIS.1100E)


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    1100 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Dispenser Tank - Atlantis (DIS.1100E)

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    1100 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Dispenser Tank - Atlantis (DIS.1100E)

    A steel bunded diesel dispensing storage tank with 1100 litres (242 Galls) capacity.  It is literally a tank within a tank.

    The liquid is stored in the primary or inner tank and the outer tank forms the required bund with capacity for 110% of the primary tank's capacity.  This tank is suitable for the storage and dispensing of white diesel (or Derv) and gas oil (red diesel).  It is not suitable for dispensing petrol or other liquids.

    They are manufactured using high grade British steel and are double welded.  Each tank is also pressure tested before being dispatched.  With correct installation and general on-going care, these products have a long lifetime ahead of them with very little maintenance required.  They are extremely robust and very resilient and are able to withstand the most extreme conditions from the elements.  With correct installation and maintenance we would estimate a lifetime in excess of 20 years.

    The following features come as standard with the tank:

    • 2" fill point c/w a mechanical overfill prevention device

    • Lockable cabinet doors

    • Tank contents gauge

    • 240v 60 LPM pump

    • 4 mt hose

    • Auto 'shut-off' delivery nozzle

    • Drip return nozzle holster

    • 10 micron water & particle filter

    • 1 Year warranty on pump

    • Vent

    Optional extras include:

    • Apollo Sonic contents gauge

    • Various other pump options including 12v, 110v & 240v power with various speed options too

    • Flow meter

    • 6 mt hose length

    The tanks are manufactured with 2 No. bottom steel bearers so they can be sited at ground level onto a hard platform.  Full installation instructions are supplied with the tank.  However, we recommend a base size which extends 300mm all the way round the tank.

    Example: if the tank dimensions were 2000mm length x 1500mm width - we would recommend a base size of 2600mm length x 2100mm width.

    Please contact our sales team for answers to any other questions you may have.  We will be delighted to speak to you.

    This steel tank comes supplied with a 12 month guarantee.  However, as mentioned before, with correct installation and maintenance we would expect this tank to last in excessof 20 years!

    The accessories also have a 12 month guarantee.

    Please ask for further details.